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Matia Kalli is a Greek-American Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  She is trained as a Jazz and R&B artist. Matia went on a spiritual pilgrimage that led her to discover devotional music, sacred healing songs, mantras and chants becoming a powerful song carrier, & medicine singer.


In 2016, she became lead female vocalist of The Hanuman Project. They traveled around the world for several years leading devotional retreats and offering powerful Kirtan experiences. 


In 2020, she released her first single, ‘Cura Corazon’ with music producer Mose which became a popular hit in the ecstatic dance scene. She has since been recognized as an independent artist.


Matia is a voice coach and facilities workshops around the world. Her live concerts inspire group singing and joyful community engagement. Her vocal range spans from high-pitched whistle singing to deep, sultry tones. She is currently working on her first EP. 

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