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Private Lessons & Workshops

Matia facilitates voice workshops and offers private lessons online.


Matia’s sessions encompass a broad range of styles and modalities. Bringing awareness to the diaphragm,  activating muscles in the body to support a healthy voice and finding creative ways to feel free in one’s expression. Matia teaches songs that are easy to follow—inspiring a rhythm that has an undeniably fun result. She holds an intimate container that allows singing to feel safe and for everyone's voice to be heard. 


These sessions are more than learning how to use our voices as an instrument. Deep healing happens when we allow ourselves to feel into our body and work with sensations that arise as we concentrate our focus. 

Just like anything we do, it takes practice to improve and master.


The more we exercise, the stronger we become. The more we practice an instrument, the easier it is to play. This is how we can relate to our voices. We get better as we give more attention to our practice. 

I am so happy to go on this journey with you and provide you with tools that will help strengthen your tone and confidence.

If you are seeking sessions, please click on the contact page and send me a message. I am happy to work with you!

Freedom has a Voice!

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